June 8, 2011

Meet the Wrestlers: Scarlett O'Scara

The fourth of eight lady wrestlers set to razzle and dazzle on Saturday night!
Originally from the great state of Georgia, Ms. O'Scara was conceived in an unholy union between her father and a Nepalese mountain goat. Scarlette grew up thinking all a woman needed to be successful was an 18 inch waist, but years of being passed around from man to man to goat taught her the only thing she can count on is herself. A force of shear determination, she cultivated her brute strength by dragging the carcass of a dead mule around the pastures of her back 40. Now, men cower and babies cry at the sight of her. Don't ever criticize her sweet tea, or she'll beat you down with a curtain rod.

1 comment:

  1. Scarlett you are full of southern bullsh!t! You couldn't wrestle your way out a mint julep! I'm not in the official line-up on Saturday night--but I'll give you a full smackdown smackhouse-style on the sidelines if you dare! Amy Smackhouse