March 12, 2012

The winner: Ms. Fire!

The winner of D/CLAW's seventh match up is Ms. Fire!
She took down both Bocce Balboa and The Ohio Hacksaw before moving on to the final round against fellow firefighter The East End Eliminator.

But firewoman against firewoman, Ms. Fire took the match.

Overall the night was a great success, with D/CLAWs great fans helping us to raise close to $3,500 for the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation.
Thanks again to our eight fantastic lady arm wrestlers and our fans. We can't do it without you!

And also a big thank you to our sponsors who provided prizes for the fans who bet the most money on the winning wrestler each round. They are: Rock Bottom Brewery, Fire Station 1 Restaurant, the Tilted Torch, and of course The American Legion Post 8.

March 10, 2012

Meet the Wrestlers: The East End Eliminator

This DC firefighter is bringing the heat in honor of D/CLAW's charity of the evening. Wrestling on behalf of the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation is Eboni, the East End Eliminator.

Meet the Wrestlers: Ms. Fire

As part of her firehouse duties, Ms. Fire enjoys demonstrating to the fine citizens of Arlington the dangers of sticking forks in outlets and lighting farts on fire. However at home she spends her time clogging, raising goats, and making homemade wine with the one man that stokes her fire, Captain Kindle. After retirement, she hopes to one day score a gig as a fire eater in a sideshow circus.

Meet the Wrestlers: Slamcakes N'Chowda

Slamcakes N'Chowda was discovered as a baby swaddled in a fishing net along the shore of the village of Galilee, Rhode Island. She was raised by a local fish monger, and grew to be the toughest clam digger on the East Coast, wielding her clam hoe like a machete and kicking serious beach bum. She eats from the ocean, mostly raw quahogs and barnacles, and is the only human being in the world who can drink exclusively ocean water. She sleeps on the rocks, bathes in the sand, and feels sexiest when sporting a sandy pair of hip waders and a good sun burn. But make no mistake, Slamcakes is wicked strong.

Meet the Wrestlers: Ragin' Regan

Once an ambitious college student and former sorority sister, Regan's life took a dramatic turn after a drunken fall down Georgetown's exorcist steps. Shortly after the fall, she began to experience paranormal occurrences and super natural powers. After choking her college roommate to death, Regan was sent to St. Elizabeth’s psych ward. With no medical explanation, doctors determined that Regan had been possessed by the devil. After several unsuccessful exorcisms, Ragin' Regan was born. Ragin' Regan uses her demonic powers and unusually strength to threaten and taunt her opponents both physically and verbally!

March 4, 2012

March 10 match will benefit the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation

The DC Lady Arm Wrestlers upcoming match on March 10 will benefit the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation. An array of eight lady arm wrestlers, including two firefighters, will be competing in this brutal smack down.
The winning wrestler will take home the coveted Golden Bicep award. But the real winner of the night will be the Burn Foundation, which will be awarded all proceeds from the night's event.
The D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation is a non-profit founded by active and retired Washington, D.C. firefighters. Their mission is to prevent burns and improve the quality of life for burn survivors through programs, education and research. Every summer the foundation sends burn survivors to a week-long summer camp. The program is offered to any young burn survivor ages 8-18 in the Washington metropolitan area at no cost and includes transportation along with the supervision of a burn nurse and a firefighter.

Competing in this Saturday's event are some previous crowd favorites:
Bocce Balboa
Capitol Punishment
Top Guns
The Ohio Hacksaw

Also joining the show are two new wrestling recruits, Ragin' Reagan and Slamcakes and Chowda, and two D.C. area firefighters.
Ms. Fire, a veteran D/CLAW wrestler, is a firefighter from Arlington. New to the ring is Eboni, The East End Eliminator. She is a D.C. firefighter who is competing on behalf of the burn foundation.