October 25, 2011

The winner!

After taking down both Aussie Osbourne and Spanish Armada one of our newest wrestlers, the toweringEve of Destruction swept the match and went home with the grand prize of The Golden Bicep. Congrats to Eve and her bio-hazard happy entourage!

You all threw down a lot of money Saturday night on the DCLAW ladies! So much in fact that we're still trying to count it all. So stay tuned and we'll be sure to update everyone on how much we were able to raise together for our amazing hosts and charity beneficiary for the night, Community Forklift.

October 19, 2011

WTOP covers DCLAW (kinda)

It's mostly a recap of The Washington Times article, but WTOP covered DCLAW as well.
Woohoo! Stardom, here we come!

Meet the Wrestlers: Aussie Osbourne

Aussie Osbourne is an Australian singer-songwriter, whose arm-wrestling career has overshadowed her vocal talents for decades. Aussie has dominated the competition on the
daunting Pacific Rim circuit and has recently landed in North America. Word is Aussie had to skip country to escape pending competitor cruelty charges which stemmed from an incident at the always contentious OZ –Kiwi Smackdown Challenge when an enraged Aussie tried to bite the head off one of her Kiwi competitors. Watch out for Aussie - Don't be fooled by the big hair: her bite is worse than her bark - and that is saying something!

Meet the Wrestlers: Spanish ARMada

Spanish ARMada hails from Miami, Florida by way of Madrid, Spain. Never content with her current conquests, she has roamed the high seas preying upon those who would dare to challenge her. She combines state-of-the-art flamenco moves with ancient bullfighting techniques as she sinks her opponents, one by floundering one. Watch out, because if she doesn't get to keep what she claims, she might just break your arm off.

Meet the Wrestlers: Ohio Hacksaw

An illegitimate daughter of “Hacksaw Jim Duggan”, The Ohio Hacksaw was sent down a river in a basket only to be raised by a clan of giant beavers on the banks of the Tuscarawas. The beaver clan, being nature’s most hack, helped The Ohio Hacksaw hone her innate ability to destroy. Eventually she was compelled to bring her skills to the society of humankind.
Whatever drives her, a need to compete, a consumption borne of her early abandonment, or just a beaver's urge to hack everything, arm wrestle she must. She’s had Ohio, and it was good. But she desires more. So she’s brought the Ohio to the nation’s capitol.

Are you coming to the gun show?

Are you kind of a big deal?

Or maybe even a moderate deal? Well, now is not the time to be modest.

There is a society reporter who would like to cover this Saturday's match at Community Forklift... but she needs to know if we will have a few people "of note" in attendance.

Hmmph. We think we're pretty special already. But perhaps some of you are actual Beltway celebrities, and we just don't know because you are so modest? (Apparently this society reporter has not met Nouveau Biche!)

Noted wonks, local business owners, acclaimed artists, athletes, known treehuggers, government officials, or anyone who has seen their name in print: Now is not the time to be shy! Please contact Ruthie immediately at 301-904-7579 or Ruthie(at)Communityforklift.com.

Not even a D-Lister? Come on, this is the Washington area - I bet you've got a semi-famous friend you can invite! They'll have a lovely evening, and they can use their fame (or infamy?) for a good cause.

Famous or not, be sure to RSVP on our Facebook page.

Meet the Wrestlers: Nouveau Biche

Nouveau Biche was born with a plastic spork in her mouth but quickly snatched the silver spoon from a nearby infant, launching a life-long quest for privilege. Feared less for her skills with a tennis racket or golf club than her penchant for wielding them, Ms. Biche is accustomed to victory. If you see her cruising the mean streets of Bethesda in her Hummer, steer clear. She's likely enraged by the need to pay TWO parking meters, and the only thing she's not good at is controlling her temper.

Meet the Wrestlers: Motown Mama

Motown Mama was born the palest soul sister ever to emerge from The Motor City, back in the day when cars were all American and only American made ― real automobiles― 20 feet long and pressed from three tons of 16-gauge steel; clad in bright, hard-enameled two-tone colors, festooned in gleaming chrome. Motown Mama's momma was none other than Rosie the Riveter (or was it Rosie the Ravager?), and her daddy was scandalously rumored to be old John Henry, himself.
"Mo" worked her way up the assembly line at GM's historic Flint, Michigan plant, where she first called attention to her astonishing musculature by pushing completed truck chassis, two at a time, across the factory floor. She really rose to notoriety when she strong-armed her way to becoming the first woman union boss of the United Auto Workers. In 1954, Motown Mama filed suit against her employers on the grounds that GM had blatantly copied her personal physique when a few years earlier they had introduced the fashionable and highly successful twin-bullet front end. By 1956, the suit was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of damages, plus an additional stipulation that GM would also add increasingly exaggerated tail-fins to the back ends of their vehicles to help diminish any visual similarity. Motown Mama always asserted her right to dignity.

October 17, 2011

Meet the Wrestlers: Long Arm of the Law

Born in the Wild Wild West, The Long Arm of the Law is a stickler for the straight and narrow and is willing to throw down to show just how law-abiding she is.  She has come to the East Coast to bring some law and order to DCLAW and she thinks the golden bicep will look mighty pretty next to her shiny silver sheriff’s badge.

Washington Times covers DCLAW

Washington Times' reporter Meredith Somers wrote a great feature about DCLAW previewing the upcoming October 22 event and introducing readers to some of our newest wrestlers. There's even a photo slide show and video footage of our last event.

October 13, 2011

Free shuttle service to Oct. 22 event

Planning to attend the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers October 22 brawl but not sure how you're going to get there? Take the Metro!
We'll be providing FREE shuttle service from 6:45 to 11 p.m. the night of the event from the Cheverly Metro station. (That's the orange line for you color-centric folks.)
That way if you don't have a car or you're planning on imbibing in our adult beverages, you can still make it safely to Community Forklift and back home again.

Meet the Wrestlers: Eve of Destruction

Contrary to popular myth, Eve was not conceived out of some lame man's rib. Rather, she was the result of a contained nuclear explosion set off during the height of the Manhattan Project.
But Eve wanted to use her powers for good. Refusing to be a weapon for the US Government, she fought her way out of Los Alamos and traveled the world for decades before settling in Washington, DC. Along the way she picked up a love of punk music, new wave feminism and french fries.
Just beware, this chemical reactor has a hatred of lame pick-up lines. Utter a lame "Wow, you're tall," and she burst you like an atom bomb.

October 12, 2011

Meet the Wrestlers: Bellatrix LeStrong

Best not to be near the jail when this prison dame makes a break.
Known for her wild-eyed stare and wilder hair, she who cannot be tamed is back. Bellatrix LeStrong has escaped.
LeStrong, leader of the infamous Death Beaters, leaves only destruction in her wake.
Often spotted bench-pressing fellow inmates in the yard, LeStrong was finally placed in solitary confinement after a guard was pulled from her room one piece at a time. Prison officials have no explanation for her escape, saying only that the bars to her cell were removed, as if by magic.

Meet the Wrestlers!

To give our betters a taste of things to come, we'll be introducing the ladies wrestling in our October 22 match up on the DCLAW blog. Be sure to check back each day for the stats on a new wrestler. Expect a few familiar faces, and a few fresh ones as well!

October 3, 2011

Next DCLAW match is Oct. 22

Our next DCLAW match will be a little different than previous events. This time we're partnering with non-profit Community Forklift at their warehouse for the show.
We'll still have 8 lady arm wrestlers battling for the Golden Bicep award, but in addition to the prizes you can win by betting the most money on the winning wrestler in each round, you can also bet on prizes in a silent auction.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door, and $25 for premier seating. Click here to buy tickets in advance.