February 25, 2013

Shirley Temper wins the match!

DC Lady Arm Wrestlers newbie Shirley Temper flexed her might and won the coveted Golden Bicep honor at Saturday's match up!
And as the packed house threw down bets on all eight ladies, D/CLAW was able to collect $5,700 for our charity of the evening - Critical Exposure. For more on the great work that they do with young people in the District, check out their website.

Shirley's temper must have given her an edge, she beat out both The Shutter and the Russian Hammer in early rounds before taking on veteran wrestler Ohio Hacksaw in the finals!

For the full set of great pictures of Saturday's event, check out the Brightest Young Things photo set.
And a big thanks to all of our sponsors, including Sailor Jerry, and especially Penn Social for hosting the bout.

February 22, 2013

Next bout Feb. 23!

Join the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers for our next bout on Feb. 23 at Penn Social!
On the line up we've got a fresh batch of new wrestlers and a couple veteran favorites. On Saturday expect to be wowed by the strength and hilarity of:

The Ohio Hacksaw



Sailor SlamRock

Aussie Osbourne

The Russian Hammer

The Shutter

Shirley Temper

February 1, 2013

Heavy Lifting

The DC Lady Arm Wrestlers have thrown their weight around for numerous local charities over the last several years. Each bout has brought in thousands of dollars for worthy causes. So as D/CLAW gears up for its next event on February 23, we thought we'd share a tally of the heavy lifting we've done so far:

D/CLAW 1: raised $1,450 for DC's House of Ruth, a domestic violence shelter.

D/CLAW 2:  raised $2,900 for the Service Women's Action Network, an advocate group for military women.

D/CLAW 3: 
raised $4,100 for Fisher House Foundation, a home away from home for loved ones of troops being treated a military hospitals. 

D/CLAW 4: 
raised $3,300 for N Street Village, a shelter for homeless women in DC.

D/CLAW 5: 
raised $4,500 for Community Forklift, a nonprofit offering green-friendly, salvaged and low cost building materials.

D/CLAW 6: 
raised $5,000 for renovations at American Legion Post 8.

D/CLAW 7: 
raised $3,500 for DC Firefighters Burn Foundation, which went to send local kids burned in fires to Children's Burn Camp.

D/CLAW 8: 
raised $3,800 for The Aleethia Foundation, which provides Friday Night dinner for injured troops being treated at local military hospitals.

D/CLAW 9:  raised $6,100 for Miriam's Kitchen, which provides meals and other support to the homeless in DC.

That's more than $34,000 that went toward local charities in the DC area!

Next up is Critical Exposure, a DC nonprofit that teaches young people to use photography and their own voices to become advocates for school reform and social change. How much can you help us raise?

Click here to purchase an advance ticket to the February 23 bout.