November 30, 2011

Meet the Wrestlers: Bo Shemoth

A direct descent of the ancient British warrior (a fierce DCLAW competitor) Queen Boudica and fathered by a Jotunn, Bo Shemoth’s veins run green with superhuman power and a strong thread of insanity. Bo Shemoth’s insatiable appetite for conquest makes her a formidable opponent when she can be coaxed back to reality and forced to the wrestling table. Some say her strength is imbued in her hair; they are wrong. Others say it’s the Spider Venom she drinks; wrong again. She’s just mad.
If by chance Bo Shemoth squares off against her mother Boudica at the DCLAW match Dec. 3, watch out. It'll be a fearsome brawl.

Meet the Wrestlers: Capitol Punishment

Capitol Punishment is a former cop turned vigilante bounty hunter. Kicked off the force after receiving one to many complaints about using excessive force, she puts her unique training to use to bring bad boys & girls to justice.
Known to bend the law until it cries "Uncle," Capitol Punishment always gets the job done. She's considered armed & dangerous folks, so wrestlers pitted against her on Dec. 3 better pray that they're never at her mercy... she has none.

November 29, 2011

Meet the Wrestlers: CoCo the Killer Clown

Coco the Killer Clown was born in a Pennsylvania Carny village to a freakshow mother and a trapeze father. At an early age she had a penchant for comedy and clowns but after being fired from a cannon by a malicious midget and regaining consciousness in the House of Horrors she turned mercurial. She wants badly to become a happy clown but a dark side weighs her down.
See which clown triumphs on Dec. 3, the good or the evil.

Meet the Wrestlers: Kentucky Dirty

Ravaged with gambling debt and disgraced from her family’s good name, The Kentucky Dirty had to abandon her debutant lifestyle at the racetracks and pick up some side work of more nefarious means. Whereas a few short years ago she could be found in the Grandstand sipping mint juleps and wearing the latest Southern fashions with the likes of DCLAW champion Scarlett O'Scara, now she spends her nights in honky tonks betting Simulcast with dirty lotto cards and sipping bad whiskey.
Pay attention to where Kentucky places her bets Dec. 3, as she's been known to rig a match or two in her day.

Meet the Wresters: Ms. T. Dynamite

Ms. T. Dynamite was born in a coal fire to the family of blacksmiths and grease monkeys. She was molded in iron , tweaked by MOPAR and then covered in trees branches by her my mother to keep her soft. Growing up, she pounded hot iron, held lamps over engines in sub-zero temperatures and trained to work on her fire power. Tools and gunpowder are her talent. Don't be surprised by her soft demeanor and tiny size on Dec. 3. The most powerful Dynamite often comes in the smallest packages!

November 28, 2011

Meet the Wrestlers: Jillotine

How will Madame Jillotine punish the competition on Dec. 3? It will be quick - but it will not be painless. She has perfected an execution style arm-wrestling technique made popular during the French Revolution. All who challenge her are sentenced to an armful of vengeance. Spectators delight in her mercilessness. Be prepared for the Reign of Terror and take heed of the Madame's decree, "Off with their arms!"

Meet the Wrestlers: Ohio Hacksaw

The illegitimate daughter of Jim Duggan and a lump of molten steel, The Ohio Hacksaw was sent down a river in a basket and raised by a clan of giant beavers along the banks of the Tuscarawas. The beaver clan helped the Hacksaw hone her innate ability to destroy. Now, her primal training over, and she is compelled to bring her skills to humankind. She is driven by a need to compete and a consumption born of her early abandonment, or maybe just a beaver's urge to hack everything. She’s had Ohio, and it was good, but now she desires more.
On Dec. 3, she's bringing the Ohio to our nation’s capital and tearing it apart.

Meet the Wrestlers: Boudica

Boudica was a fierce warrior who killed tens of thousands of Roman soldiers to save her tribal land, Iceni in Southern Britain. In 60AD, the Romans were pillaging Britain. After her husband Prasutagus died, Nero baulked at a Queen leading the Iceni tribal land and showed force by flogging her and raping her daughters. Boudica vowed revenge and led the Iceni people and other native tribes into multiple victories over the Romans. Boudica means victorious and on Dec. 3, that's exactly what she intends to be!

November 17, 2011

Next match December 3

Your next chance to catch the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers in action is fast approaching.
Come out December 3 as eight lovely ladies arm wrestle to the death (okay.... maybe not to the death) to benefit The American Legion.

American Legion Post 8 has partnered with DCLAW from the very beginning in order to help us get this league up and running by providing a venue for events and countless hours of help. This time, we're helping them out. All proceeds from the Dec. 3 match will go towards renovations the Legion needs to make in order to make all of Post 8 accessible to disabled veterans and guests.
So come on out and bet what you've got as eight amazing wrestlers duke it out for the honor of the Golden Bicep.

November 8, 2011

DCLAW meet up Nov. 10

Have you been to a DCLAW match and been wowed by the biceps on those gals? Would you like to learn more about DC's league of Lady Arm Wrestlers? Even wrestle yourself?
Then stop by DCLAW's happy hour at Solly's on Thursday.
DCLAW's current cast of characters will be meeting to discuss some of our past bouts and brainstorming new ideas for future events. So if you've felt the arm wrestling bug biting you but haven't acted on it yet, be sure to stop by and introduce yourself.
There may even be impromptu wrestling as we get geared up for our next bout, Dec. 3.

The deets:
What: DCLAW meet up
When: Thursday, November 10 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Solly's U Street Tavern
11th and U Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
Why: Cause it's fun!

November 3, 2011

Media clips from Oct. 22 match

Both the Washington Post and the Prince George's County Gazette covered our last match at the Community Forklift warehouse!
The Post included photos throughout the event but the Gazette caught the final match between Eve of Destruction and Spanish ARMada!