September 19, 2014

D/CLAW at H Street Festival

Going to this year's H Street Festival? Look for the D.C. Lady Arm Wrestlers.
We'll have a booth near 10th and H streets where you can try your knack at arm wrestling and see if you've got what it takes to be a lady arm wrestler.
Make sure you ask us about the upcoming national championship  - it will bring lady arm wrestlers from around the country to H Street this fall!

Washington, D.C. to host national championship

Washington, D.C. was chosen to host the 2014 National Championship of Lady Arm Wrestlers! How's that for guns of glory?
Lady's arm wrestling leagues from around the country will converge on the nation's capital to duke it out for the championship title. Considering D.C.'s own Amy Smackhouse brought home the gold last time around, D/CLAW is feeling confidant about this one.
So save the date for November 15.

May 30, 2013

Support a D/CLAW documentary

Filmmaker Scott Sowers is in the works on a documentary film featuring the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers! He's currently trying to raise $2,000 through a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project.
He's got until June 13 to meet his goal, so if you'd like to see the mugs of some local lady arm wrestlers on the big screen, be sure to donate!

Check out the preview:

May 19, 2013

Don't mess with the Iron Lady: Margaret Thrasher wins the Golden Bicep!

Wearing her trademark pearls, regal air, and a sense of smug accomplishment, DC Lady Arm Wrestlers' newbie Margaret Thrasher dominated the competition in the May 18 bout.

“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman,” Maggie told the crowd as she accepted her medal, the Golden Bicep.

It was a raucous evening, kicking off with an age-old rivalry - the British and the Irish with Maggie first facing off against Sailor Slamrock. But the Iron Lady advanced to the second round, taking on long-time D/CLAW favorite Top Guns.

Also sashaying her way through the ranks to gain entry into the final round was the spicy and spunky crowd favorite Zumbera. The Columbian dancer easily raised collected the most money through bets during the evening - earning her the title of Madame Moneymaker!

Zumbera's shimmy proved too much for both explorer Gnarls Darwin, whom she beat in the prelims, and pop sensation Justine Bieber, who she quashed in the semi finals. Also competing for the first time this bout were Eve Ill - the original sin - and the tart but tangy, Sour Patch Kid.

But at the end, it was Margaret Thrasher's iron fist that won. And as always, the ladies of D/CLAW racked in some serious dough for charity. The evening's beneficiary was the Noble Argus Foundation, which supports the families of Special Operations members. 

Over all, more than $3,200 was raised through tickets sales to the event and bets placed on the eight competing wrestlers. A tremendous night overall! 

May 3, 2013

D/CLAW's next bout is May 18

The DC Lady Arm Wrestlers' next bout is May 18 and the mayhem is already brewing!
Expect the same great action as eight lady arm wrestlers will test their might. This time they will be fueled with a little liquid courage, courtesy of Sailor Jerry.

And seeing as May 18 is Armed Forces Day, the ever patriotic D/CLAW crew will be raising money for the Noble Argus Foundation, a local non-profit group that provides financial and educational support for the families of military organization's Special Operations members.

Both VIP and general admission tickets are available for advance purchase. D/CLAW suggests buying early as the classy dames from DC Rollergirls will be joining us for an after party following their afternoon bouts.

When: May 18, Doors at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Penn Social
801 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20004

See you there!

February 25, 2013

Shirley Temper wins the match!

DC Lady Arm Wrestlers newbie Shirley Temper flexed her might and won the coveted Golden Bicep honor at Saturday's match up!
And as the packed house threw down bets on all eight ladies, D/CLAW was able to collect $5,700 for our charity of the evening - Critical Exposure. For more on the great work that they do with young people in the District, check out their website.

Shirley's temper must have given her an edge, she beat out both The Shutter and the Russian Hammer in early rounds before taking on veteran wrestler Ohio Hacksaw in the finals!

For the full set of great pictures of Saturday's event, check out the Brightest Young Things photo set.
And a big thanks to all of our sponsors, including Sailor Jerry, and especially Penn Social for hosting the bout.

February 22, 2013

Next bout Feb. 23!

Join the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers for our next bout on Feb. 23 at Penn Social!
On the line up we've got a fresh batch of new wrestlers and a couple veteran favorites. On Saturday expect to be wowed by the strength and hilarity of:

The Ohio Hacksaw



Sailor SlamRock

Aussie Osbourne

The Russian Hammer

The Shutter

Shirley Temper