May 19, 2013

Don't mess with the Iron Lady: Margaret Thrasher wins the Golden Bicep!

Wearing her trademark pearls, regal air, and a sense of smug accomplishment, DC Lady Arm Wrestlers' newbie Margaret Thrasher dominated the competition in the May 18 bout.

“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman,” Maggie told the crowd as she accepted her medal, the Golden Bicep.

It was a raucous evening, kicking off with an age-old rivalry - the British and the Irish with Maggie first facing off against Sailor Slamrock. But the Iron Lady advanced to the second round, taking on long-time D/CLAW favorite Top Guns.

Also sashaying her way through the ranks to gain entry into the final round was the spicy and spunky crowd favorite Zumbera. The Columbian dancer easily raised collected the most money through bets during the evening - earning her the title of Madame Moneymaker!

Zumbera's shimmy proved too much for both explorer Gnarls Darwin, whom she beat in the prelims, and pop sensation Justine Bieber, who she quashed in the semi finals. Also competing for the first time this bout were Eve Ill - the original sin - and the tart but tangy, Sour Patch Kid.

But at the end, it was Margaret Thrasher's iron fist that won. And as always, the ladies of D/CLAW racked in some serious dough for charity. The evening's beneficiary was the Noble Argus Foundation, which supports the families of Special Operations members. 

Over all, more than $3,200 was raised through tickets sales to the event and bets placed on the eight competing wrestlers. A tremendous night overall! 

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