June 10, 2011

Betting = Winning

Normally when you bet money on a sport, you win your money back plus some when your team or player wins. Not so in the land of lady arm wrestling.
Let us explain.
The money you bet on our wrestlers all goes toward a good cause. Each event, we pick a new charity to sponsor. This time around it's N Street Village.
Your generosity (or is it your gambling addiction?) makes this all worthwhile. So we'd hate to see you leave a DCLAW match without a chance to win a prize.
At the end of each match-up, the person who has bet the most money on the winning wrestler will win a prize.

For June 11's bout, our prizes will include:
- DCLAW swag
- a hair cut from Aveda Bethesda
- an Arbonne gift certificate
- two Redskins tickets
- a photo session with Sweet Lime Portrait Design

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