October 20, 2012

Treacherous Tutu wins the match!

Swooping into the match like a kamikaze swan, the Treacherous Tutu triumphed over newcomer Paula Bunyan to win the bout!

Congrats Tutu! And thanks to Jason Dixson from Brightest Young Things for the photos. There are plenty more to come.

But even better news, D/CLAW raised more than $6,100 last night for Miriam's Kitchen! That translates into more than 6,000 meals that this charity will now be able to serve!
All money raised came directly from entry fees for the match, bets placed on the eight wrestlers, and a few special auctions - including a date with three lovely swans from Tutu's gaggle that went for $300 and a binder full of D/CLAW women that went for $600!
At the end of the night, every D/CLAW wrestler in the house autographed their photo in the binder for the lucky winner. What a keepsake!

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