June 3, 2012

Amy Smackhouse wins the SuperBRAWL Championship!

Amy Smackhouse was the victorious lady arm wrestler last night and will be representing the D.C. Lady Arm Wrestlers in the national championship!
In the initial rounds, Smackhouse took down two seasoned arm wrestling veterans - Boudica and the Ohio Hacksaw - and the final round pitted her against Ms. Fire in an intense match. For the first time ever, the ladies competed at a stand-up arm wrestling table, which will be the way it's done at the national championship in Charlottesville, Va. in two weeks.

With a big thanks to both our great audience members and our wrestlers' entourages, D/CLAW raised approximately $3,800 for the the all-volunteer run Aleethia Foundation!
We'll be adding pictures and video of the championship shortly, so stay tuned!

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