May 16, 2012


On June 2 D/CLAW’s all-champion SuperBRAWL will determine the most bad ass lady arm wrestler in all of DC! The winner of our SuperBRAWL will represent DC at the first EVER national champion ship of lady arm wrestling leagues - the SuperCLAW - in Charlottesville, VA on June 16.
All proceeds from the SuperBRAWL will benefit the Aleethia Foundation an all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting newly injured service members with short-term therapeutic recreation.

WHEN: Saturday, June 2nd at 7:30 pm

WHERE: American Legion Post 8 on Capitol Hill—conveniently located a few blocks from Capitol South metro stop at 224 D Street, SE.

WHY: It's hilarious and you can feel good about raising money for charity! Plus the drinks are strong and cheap at the Legion!

HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST ME: Tickets $10 at the door and everyone is encouraged to bet on their favorite wrestler each round. The individual who bet the highest amount on the winning wrestler wins a prize that round. All the betting money goes to charity.

WHO IS THIS FOR: The Aleethia Foundation is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting newly injured service members with short-term therapeutic recreation, small financial grants, and other unmet needs. Their main focus is nurturing injured members emotional well-being by getting them out of the hospital for meals, movies, sightseeing, and visits to interesting sites. One of the Aleethia Foundations most popular activities is taking service members and their families out to enjoy a steak dinner every Friday night. Anyone who has had an extended stay in a hospital can appreciate how great it must be to get away from the hospital for a delicious meal!

WHO WILL BE WRESTLING: Five of our champions from previous matches, as well as three other previous contenders will battle for the right to compete at the June 2 event, will return to the wrestling table.

Our previous winners are:
Kelly Wood aka MOMMIE DEAREST 1st bout champion
Andrea Kavanagh aka AMY SMACKHOUSE, 2nd bout champion
Suzie Hough aka ARM & HAMMERED 3rd bout champion
Kristin Eliason aka EVE OF DESTRUCTION 5th bout champion
Tracie Anderson aka MS. FIRE 7th bout champion

Because SCARLETT O’SCARA (4th bout champion) and KENTUCKY DIRTY (6th bout champion) are unable to compete, prior competitors will duke it out for three slots in the championship rounds. They are:
Andrea Gonzalez aka THE SPANISH ARMADA
Jennifer Chambers aka BOUDICA

So who are you placing your bets on?

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