December 4, 2011

Kentucky Dirty takes home the Golden Bicep

Kentucky Dirty wins the race... er, match!
Power housing through her first two bouts against CoCo the Killer Clown and The Ohio Hacksaw, The Kentucky Dirty didn't even break a sweat!
In the finals, she kept up the stride as she went head to head with Boudica, eventually putting her to the axe as well.

Congratulations Kentucky Dirty! We'll see you again at the D/CLAW championships in June, when the winners of all our prior matches come back to duke it out once more to determine who D/CLAW will send to the Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers championship over the summer.

But what about the other winner of the night? That's right, the biggest winner from last night's match was the American Legion, Post 8. Through last night's betting and door fees, D/CLAW collected more than $5,000 for the legion.

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