March 12, 2010

So, you think you can wrassle?

Are you one of those women who sizes up others based on whether or not you think you could beat them at arm-wrestling? Are you looking for a fun way to contribute to charity? Perhaps you've just been yearning for an outlet for that superbad alter-ego you've been nurturing.

The DC Lady Arm Wrestlers [DCLAW] are DC metro-area women who wrestle for charity. Join us to compete in arm wrestling matches that combine pro wrestling antics with bouts of sassy strength. Join DCLAW!!! Here's how it works:

1. Decide on your bad-ass, arm-wrestling persona. Who are you... really?
2. To join, e-mail us at with your chosen persona.

How will the matches work?
Each competitor has her own wrestling persona, complete with costume, bio, theme song, and a posse of supporters to get the crowd fired up and betting on its wrestler. All proceeds raised from “bets” and any cover charges go to a chosen local charity that benefits women and girls. DCLAW members will nominate and vote on charities to support.

At each event, wrestlers compete tournament-style. In the preliminary round there are eight wrestlers competing in four matches. The four winners then move on to the semi-final round. In this round, each pair of wrestlers competes in three bouts (right arm, left arm, right arm). The two winners proceed to the final round, which is decided again by the best of three bouts. The winner receives a trophy created by the local charity and some serious bragging rights. Rules are determined and managed by the referee.

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